Kintsugi Kit

 1. Contents: ki-urushi, suki-urushi, tonoko powder, wood powder, flour, bengara (red), bengara (black), real gold powder, pure spirits of gum turpentine oil, curving knife, mixing knife, spatula, putty applying tool, pipette, small brush, large brush, hygrometer, diamond bids, diamond bid handle, silk ball, polishing charcoal, measuring spoons, waterproof sandpaper, and grass board. (No instruction.)
 2. You can make kintsugi ware 4-5 pieces (when the crack lines are 15cm each)
 3. Price: $300 CAD ($250 CAD for students)

★ This is not a trial kit. These materials and tools are almost the same as those which professional Kintsugi artisans use. Some are made by us because these are not sold even in Japan. Only for serious learners.
★ When we ship it by airmail (outside Ontario province), we remove turpentine oil from the Kit for the safety.

■ Important Information
 1. The whole process takes around 45 days. Urushi comes from urushi trees, when an urushikaki-artisan scratches their trunks. Urushi is strong healing system for trees, and it is used in Kintsugi. The natural process of recovery (both for the tree and your item) takes time, like healing a broken bone. 
 2. Urushi has urushiol, which can cause an allergic reaction of contact dermatitis. Be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves when using urushi. If urushi gets on your skin, wash it with canola oil. If your skin has an allergic reaction, soak it in warm salt water or see a doctor and put steroid cream.
 3. Completed Kintsugi items cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher, but are food and drink safe.

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