Request for an episode of your kintsugi piece

Dear clients,

I hope you are enjoying a great summer!

How is your kintsugi piece(s) after then?
Please let me know if there is anything that you are concerned about.

By the way, finally, I will have an in-person exhibition at the event “Anime North” next weekend!
Since I don’t have “my work” usually, I’m thinking about showing people the stories of broken pieces with photos and the owner’s notes.
Could you write something about your kintsugi piece for me?

Kintsugi is not just a mending method, but also an art, a practical thing that you can use in your daily life, a therapy for the owner and kintsugi practicer, and philosophies such as resilience and sustainability. Each piece has a beloved story from the past, and it will continue to the future — maybe even later generations.

In the exhibition, people will know they don’t need to give up when they have important pieces broken and get some good inspiration for their life.

★When you can give me your note, any style or length is ok!
★These are just an example to include in the note: a memory of your piece, the reason why you decided to kintsugi, why you like kintsugi, and so on.
★Please be careful with your too personal information.
★Please let me know how I should show your name (First name, initial, etc.)
★Please let me know if you have any information that you want to include (social media account etc.)
★It would be great if I could get it before July 15th. (If you don’t have time, later is also OK! I would like to have it in another exhibition.)

I came to Toronto 3 years ago by myself and started this service during the pandemic. I had been so struggling in the situation that almost nobody knows Kintsugi, and endured patiently in the spring, summer, fall, and winter of 2020, and the spring, summer, fall, and winter of 2021.

Thanks to you, because you found me and left your important pieces then, I’m still being able to offer Kintsugi and help people who have broken pieces, and sometimes who kept their broken pieces for decades.

In the end, please forgive me for sending this letter in this style.

Thank you so much!

[My workshop information in Anime North]
[Anime North Official site (it looks like a festival of subculture, but you can see authentic Japanese exhibitions)]
Next event → [Japan Festival]
Permanent exhibition → [JCCC Maru]

Best regards,

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