Kintsugi Lecture & Maki-e Workshop in Toronto

All the diamonds in the world are nothing to me.
Maki-e are the only things that give me pleasure.

Maria Theresa

Maki-e is the final step of Kintsugi process, which enables you to draw your design with gold as if you use liquid or melt gold.
In this workshop, you can draw your favorite pattern, letter, or picture on these beautiful gemstones with urushi and brass powder. (You can decorate one side only.)

Gemstones (Select your favorite one!!)
① Carnelian
② Green Aventurine
③ Rose Quartz
④ White Jade
⑤ Green-dyed white jade

【Workshop details】
 Contents: Kintsugi lecture (history, material, philosophy of kintusgi) and maki-e hands-on workshop
 Date: November 13th, 2022 12-2pm
 Place: BOKU (Japanese restaurant) 530 Yonge st, Toronto
 Fee: $45 (incl. tax)
 How to sign up: 1/ Send a message from the form below. Don’t forget to choose a gemstone! 2/ Pay the fee via e-transfer or Paypal ( 3/ Come to the workshop with a note, pen, and long-sleeved shirt.
 *After the workshop, we will have a socializing lunchtime. You can enjoy Boku’s delicious lunch with a special price only for the day! Let’s talk about kintsugi, maki-e, Japanese culture, and information about Japanese things in Toronto, etc if you have time!

Maki-e workshop at Anime North, August 2022
These photos were taken before rinsing excess gold powder

In the workshop, we will use urushi as material. Urushi is sap from the urushi tree, and it contains urushiol, an allergic substance. Urushiol is contained in poison ivy and poison oak, and it causes red skin and rush.
Urushi will cause an allergic reaction when it hasn’t been cured. After curing, you can touch it with bare skin.
We will wear gloves when we treat urushi. I recommend wearing long sleeves or arm covers just in case.
When you get urushi on your skin, you should remove it with oil immediately. When you get itchiness, you can use steroid cream or take an allergy medicine like “Reactine”. You will not die, but I admit the rush is a bit uncomfortable.
Shuichi and Kintsugica accept no responsibility for any damage or allergic reaction thereby incurred.

The event space – Boku Japanese restaurant on Yonge street, Toronto

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